The Staten Island Business Outreach Center can help your business achieve its Minority/Women/Disadvantaged Business certification with New York City and State.” Becoming a certified MWDBE can help you gain government contracts and make your business more profitable.

Federal, State and City government mandates that portions of their contracts be given to MWorDBEs. That means that majority businesses who bid on government contracts must make every effort to work with businesses that have their MWDBE government certification.

The definition of minority or woman owned business is any business in which a majority of that business is owned by a woman or a person who is a member of a minority ethnic group. A Disadvantaged business is one that is majority owned by a socially and/or economically disadvantaged person.

Unfortunately, many eligible MWDBEs find the process of acquiring their government certification daunting therefore they never bother to apply. If you are a minority, women or disadvantaged business enterprise that has not applied for government certification, you could be missing out on millions of government contract dollars.

The experts at SIBOC have helped dozens of Staten Island businesses navigate the government certification process to obtain their MWDBE status. We understand the process and will walk you through it one step at a time to ensure that you are able to answer all questions and produce all documents necessary to gain your certification.

Acquiring your MW or DBE status is free and open to any qualified business. SIBOC does not charge to assist you with your MWDBE certification but there are consultants who offer the service at a fee. Whether you choose to work with a non-profit like SIBOC to help you obtain your government certification or a private consultant who charges a fee – remember, the government does not charge a fee to apply for MW or DBE certification so beware of anyone that tells you otherwise.

If you believe that you are an eligible MWDBE and need help filing for your government certification, call SIBOC today