This new grant is designed to help NYC’s small businesses offset operational expenses to mitigate economic hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This grant program will provide $10,000 grants to eligible small businesses in:
Low-to-moderate income (LMI) areas as defined here
The arts, entertainment, and recreation sectors; and/or
The accommodation and food services sector
Examples of appropriate uses for a grant include:
supporting payroll and benefits costs
costs to retain employees
mortgage, rent, or utilities costs other operating costs.

This program will be administered by Lendistry.

More information, including eligibility requirements and the application

NYS COVID-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program

The New York State COVID-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program was created to provide flexible grant assistance to currently viable small businesses, micro-businesses and for-profit independent arts and cultural organizations in the State of New York who have experienced economic hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic is NOW OPEN and BOC Network can help you to apply.

Grant awards will be calculated based on a business’s annual gross receipts for 2019:
Annual gross receipts = $25,000-$49,999: $5,000/business;
Annual gross receipts = $50,000-$99,999: $10,000/business;
and Annual gross receipts = $100,000-$500,000: 10% of gross receipts (max grant is $50,000).

For eligibility requirements and more information regarding the New York State COVID-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Program, please visit

The program is administered by ESD and powered by Lendistry.

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